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Etihad Airlines Travel Policy for Expectant Mothers

Etihad Airlines is the National Airlines of Abu Dhabi and it is the only airline which has a direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila. So when I travelled to Philippines last week, I took Etihad Airlines without any second thoughts considering that I was 7 months pregnant.

Before purchasing the airline ticket, I checked the pregnancy policy of the airlines.

Etihad allows expectant mothers to travel up to 36 weeks for single pregnancy and 32 weeks for multiple pregnancy. Travelling from 28 weeks and onwards, the airline will require a medical certificate from your attending physician stating that you are fit to travel, the expected date of delivery, the number of weeks and if it is single or multiple pregnancy.

And most importantly, the medical certificate must be dated within 7 days from the date of departure.

Click here to read more about Etihad Airline’s policy for expectant mothers.

As for my experience, they didn’t ask for my medical certificate during the check-in process and even during the boarding time. My only regret was I opted for a window seat. The passenger beside me was not really feeling well and she was asleep most of the time during our journey. I felt awkward waking her up every time I needed to pee.

It is really recommended to choose a seat close to the washroom. In my opinion the best option is the exit row because it is very spacious. Also, do not forget to consider your baggage as pregnant women are not advised to lift heavy weights.

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