I discovered a new TV series “Blue Blood”. It is not actually new because the season 2 just finished last month. Anyway, that’s what I did this weekend – “Blue Blood” TV series marathon. But still, I love NCIS.. LOL!

Anyway, I am aiming to declutter our room by slowly sorting out things – box by box, drawer by drawer – but it is still a long process considering the amount of personal effects that we had hoarded for the last few years. I was actually browsing the internet this morning about minimalist lifestyle and this blog post “Don’t Just Declutter, De-Own” written by Joshua Becker hit me.

Honestly, we are really intensively plagued with the mentality of consumerism and I am one of the living examples of it. I am serious about getting rid of much unnecessary stuff in our room. There are the unused clothing, books, gym equipments, etc.

My goal this year – declutter and de-own.