Etisalat E-Life Subscription: Watch out for the Cancellation Policy

I am not renewing our flat this year and its contract is due to expire on 31st March 2012. Perhaps by the time you are reading this post, my flat is already empty. Then cancellations of utilities (i.e. water and electricity), internet, telephone and cable TV will follow.

When we took this flat, I availed the E-Life package of Etisalat (UAE’s leading telecommunication company). The package includes internet, cable tv and telephone line.

In February I inquired in one of Etisalat’s customer service outlet about its cancellation. The agent just advised me to visit the Etisalat Business Center as they could only do the cancellations. As I was preoccupied in my work, I visited the Business Center only a month after.

To my dismay, they informed me that a one-month notice period is required otherwise the customer needs to pay one month as penalty. I argued about it as I was not aware of that condition.

In a way I realized my mistake. I should always ask for the cancellation policy for any subscriptions that I will avail. Now, I have no option but to pay the penalty.

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5 Responses to Etisalat E-Life Subscription: Watch out for the Cancellation Policy

  1. Sulaiman says:


    New policy …. now u have to pay 500 aed if u want cancel within one year and after one year 250 aed . Enjoy etisalat :)


  2. khyali says:

    Hi sir i want to transfar my cannection to another nahe so how much i have to spent


  3. Soulimani says:

    WOW 470 EAD ? even if you notice Etisalat one month before ?


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