Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Your Delay is not my Emergency

There is a part of my job that involves contracting.  The peak of this task is during the end of the year until mid January. The contracting process involves a lot preparation and once finalize it is sent to our clients.  I am quite used to this contacting season considering that I have been working for four years in our office but this year, it seems to be the worst one.

For whatever reasons, there is a delay from every aspect. Unfortunately, the consequence of this delay boils down to one person, our secretary. She will work until midnight or worst early morning to finish everything.

This reminds me of my ex-colleague. She was working as a secretary and she posted a bold text in here PC which was really visible even if you are at a distance. The words were “Your delay it not my emergency”. If you have bosses who tend to delay things and later dump these responsibilities to you with unreasonable deadline, then this adage suits him.

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