Time to Downsize..

Photo Credit: http://worthingtonoldandnews.com

It is not only a career change this year for me. Hubby and I are shifting to a new accommodation too. After a lengthy discussion and stressful follow ups with the “uncooperative” management property handling my current flat, hubby and I decided to let it go.

We are shifting to a new flat in a new area. It is a three bedroom flat and the other rooms are also rented out to other Filipino couples. We saw the room today and we actually liked it. It’s clean and organized. Though we will be paying more this time, it is less headache and responsibility.

We need to vacate our flat before end of March and just the thought of packing our stuffs weighs me down. We never realize that amount of things we accumulated until we relocate. 

It is really time to downsize, throwing the unnecessary.

Well, we will definitely be busy in the next coming weekends as a lot of sorting out activities will be happening.