Things to Focus in 2012

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With my decision to leave my current job, I am optimistic to land a job that does not require me to work longer hours at the same time an uninterrupted weekends. You see, I enjoy tremendously my two days off but oftentimes I slot in few minutes of office work like checking and replying to important emails. Also, there are the inevitable phone calls from the clients and the company either requesting for some assistance or issues that need to be resolved.

Hopefully with my new job, I will be freed from this and I look forward to having more time honing my writing skills and do my side business which I aim to be my passive source of income soon. Let me know if you are interested. And most importantly, spending quality time with my hubby.

My brother has been urging me to pay attention and consider seriously my writing business. I used to do it for fun. It is more of a hobby and the earnings that come to it is more of a bonus only. This time, I want to follow my brother’s advice.

I am keen on learning the ins and outs of freelance writing and the potential business opportunities that come to it. I am willing to start the learning process all over again. This is one aspect that I want to focus and invest my time this year.

Secondly, I targeted to thrive in my side business. I just joined this company last month and so far I am still on the process of learning the business. I know that it takes a lot of hard work and a long stretch of perseverance to succeed in this field. I am working on it!

I will focus only on these two things this year..