Review: Delish Dinner @ Romano’s Macaroni Grill

macaroni grill 4

We had the pleasure to dine in Romano’s Macaroni Grill located at Abu Dhabi World Trade Centre.

Fabulous service and delish food. That’s how I summed up our dining experience.

Macaroni Grill 2

We were welcomed by a warm smile at the entrance. Then they ushered us to our table. While sitting down, I noticed three Crayons on the table. Yes, you read it right. It’s Crayons. I wondered the purpose of its presence on the table.

Then the waitress came. She introduced herself, kneeled down and wrote her name ‘Dyne’ with the Crayons on the white paper table top. Nice gimmick (**smile**).

Macaroni Grill 1

So next was the challenging part. Deciding what to order. Luckily, Dyne and her supervisor (Harold if I remembered his name correctly) came to the rescue. Both were very helpful and I was impressed because they really knew their menu. When I asked about the items in their menu, they explained well – how it is cooked, what it is made up of and they can even describe how it taste.

For starter, we had the salad sampler. This was really a good option for me and my friend because we were able to taste three kinds of salad at the same time. The portion was just enough also.

Salad Sampler

Then Dyne and Harold recommended their best selling Pasta Marinara which we eventually ordered along with the steak. Two thumbs up for the Pasta Marina. It  was delicious. We loved the generous seafood toppings and its creamy sauce.

Pasta Marinan


For our drinks, we had the slush Peach puree ‘Leaning Bellini’ and the refreshing “Pomegranate Basil Cooler’.

Leaning Bellini

Drinks 1

To complete our dining experience, we ended our dinner with coffee and cheese cake.


We really enjoyed our dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill and we recommended it already to our colleagues as our next venue for our after office dinner.


Restaurant Info:

World Trade Centre (3rd floor)

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Tel: 02 635 5962


Other restaurant location:

  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Abu Dhabi: Deerfields Townsquare and Dalma Mall
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Dubai: Festival Centre, Dubai Mall and Mirdif City Centre
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Calories Overload in FatBurger – WTC (Abu Dhabi)

Calories Overload

When you crave for real calories overload, go for FatBurger.

Honestly speaking, I am a ‘sucker’ of fast food meals. Burgers and fries is a heavenly treat for me.

So just imagine when my friend and I tasted for the first time the burgers and chili cheese fries in FatBurger in World Trade Centre (WTC) Abu Dhabi. It was sooo good that it keeps us coming back since then.

Hot chicken wings

I am not an expert in fast food meals but my friend and I love the biting spicy flavor in their chili cheese fries and hot chicken wings. I am not into spicy food at all because my tolerance is very low but this is an exception.

That’s why I was happy when I found FatBurger because for the first time I enjoy a spicy flavor.

Chili cheese fries

Though don’t be deceived. FatBurger doesn’t mean big portions. It is actually smaller compared to others like Burger King but still I won’t trade its flavor.

The only comment I have is their branch in WTC Abu Dhabi is hot. It seems there’s no enough air-condition system to cool the place specially when you sit close their big logo on the wall.

We actually complained once. When we visited last week, it was still the same.

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Awesome Experience at Dubai Dolphinarium!

Awesome Experience

Fun and entertaining for kids and adults – This is how I described our experience in Dubai Dolphinarium.

I bought the tickets online and opted for the 3pm show on Friday. As I am not very familiar in Dubai, we left early from the hotel. We arrived 45 minutes early for the show.

So we hanged out in their small restaurant area. Luckily, there were many activities to try to kill the boredom of waiting. My kiddo headed for the ‘Come in and Play’ play area.

While we, the adults, tried the 5D show. It was a short film but worth the experience if you haven’t ever watched a 5D show. The nice thing about this is you can watch your family and friends from the outside. When my family and our nanny watched the horror 5D show, we were outside the room, standing and watching the screen. We saw their reactions – how they raised the feet thinking the shrubs and stones would hit them, how they avoided the devil spear, how they scream.

5D Cinema

Then next we tried the mirror maze. It was a labyrinth of mirrors and the only way to find your way was to touch the walls making sure that it was the actually door and not a mirror. It was fun but I had a headache afterwards. 

Mirror Maze

Finally, it was three o’clock and we hit the queue to enter the venue for the dolphin show.The seats had been allocated already. Actually we didn’t have the opportunity to choose our seats.

As we entered, we were ushered to the left side of the ‘water stage’. The front of the ‘water stage’ are seats in red color which I believe are for VIP tickets only.

Anyway, the show started with the seals and then followed by the introduction of the dolphins. This is where the real dolphin show started. There’s dancing, ball playing, painting, and some audience interaction also.

We really enjoyed it. It was an awesome experience and worth for a visit.

Dubai Dolphinarium


Some helpful information.

Tickets: As mentioned, I purchased it online. I paid AED100 for adults and AED50 for my son.

Extra costs:

  • The location of Dubai Dolphinarium is in Creek Park in  Dubai. There’s an entrance fee of AED 5 per person.
  • They serve popcorns inside the venue.
  • They also have gimmicks like painting auction wherein the masterpiece painting which is painted by the dolphin is being sold to the highest bidder or buying a ball (though you will actually return the ball) that allows children to throw the ball in the pool. Once your ball is selected, you will receive some prices.
  • And of course, some tokens to buy if you wish. There’s balloon, photos, etc.

Dress code: Nothing particular as long as you feel comfy.

Warning: Be prepared to get wet specially when you are in the front row. The water splash sometimes reach you.


Dubai Dolphinarium Details:

Tel : +971 (4) 336-9773
Fax : +971 (4) 336-9774


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Long Weekend

This is one of the awaited weekends for corporate slaves like me. It is not really a ‘kind-of-super-long-weekend’ but still an extra off day in a week is great.

The UAE Government has declared the Eid Al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holidays from 3rd October until 6th October. It is public holiday until Monday, 6th October for Government sector and until Sunday, 5th October for private sector.

So it’s one extra off day for next week.

Well, we really don’t have any grand plans. I was also so sick last Wednesday night. I had high fever and terrible headache. It’s good that it’s a long weekend so I can really rest well.

Anyway, Eid Mubarak to  all our Muslim brothers.

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Hello October!



The weather is winding down these days. The irritating humid is almost over. No more sweaty mornings.

Earlier this month the weather was really bad. Walking to the office every morning is like jogging for over half an hour though my office is just more or less 10 minutes walk. The sweaty forehead, messed up makeup, sticky feeling. It is very uncomfortable.

The summer season here is coming to an end soon and I am actually excited. It is more fun now to do outdoor activities.

I remembered last August when we went to Corniche Beach. We came at around eight in the morning and planned to leave after two hours but the weather was really bad. We couldn’t stand  the humid and summer heat.I felt dizzy after we reached home.

Anyway, October here you are!

Personally I have many things to look forward and I am thankful already (in advance) for the bountiful blessings which are on its way.

October is a month of learning and exploring business opportunities for me. I always believe that the rest will follow if you really know what you want in life. The universe will align everything to pave your way to achieving your heart’s desires.

And it is really true.

What about you? Any grand plans for October?

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Frustrated and Disappointed with First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI)


Sorry to blog about this, a rant actually, but I am really frustrated and disappointed.

Early this year I opened an equity account in First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI). I am not actually new to mutual fund as I have an account in ATR Kim Eng since 2010 but this year I decided to shift to FAMI.

I have a certain amount that I deposit monthly in my mutual fund account. As usual, I transferred the same amount to FAMI last 5th September.

After few days, I checked my FAMI online access and I was a bit disappointed that this amount was not yet credited to my account.

So I sent a follow up email.

A week after, I checked again. Nothing happened.

Then I sent a follow up email again. Nothing happened. No reply from them.

As of this time of writing, the amount is still not credited to my FAMI account.

By the way, this is not the first case. There were delays also in the previous months but this is the worst case so far.

I actually recommended FAMI to my officemate but now I am retracting my recommendations. Luckily, she didn’t process yet the payment and submit the documents.

What about you? Do you have any experience with FAMI? Care to share?

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Book Feedback: Increase Your Financial IQ by Robert T. Kiyosaki



My first ‘book acquaintance’ with the author, Robert T. Kiyosaki, was with his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. The book was really an eye-opening.

So when I saw the book ‘Increase Your Financial IQ’,  I grabbed it without hesitations.

This is the kind of book that you don’t want to put it down; that you continue to read even your free time is only 5 minutes. Well, this is my personal opinion. We have different preference. I personally enjoy reading personal finance related books. Maybe this explains why I can’t put down the book.

Here are few lines that really struck a chord in my thoughts about my personal finance.

  • Money is not the most important thing life, but money does affect everything that is important (page 25).
  • It’s the process (of making more money) that makes them rich, not the money (page 37).
  • Controlling the highs and lows of my emotions, and delaying short-term gratification, was essential in developing my financial intelligence (page 38)
  • You can quit when you win, but never quit because you’re losing (page 39). This is really true and it applies in every endeavor.
  • There is nothing wrong with enjoying liabilities – as long as you continue to pay yourself first and purchase them through the income generated by your assets (page 89). I am really guilty of this. How many times I bought non-essential things simply because I liked it and sadly, it was paid off from my active income. Worst, I neglected to pay myself first instead I prioritized liability.
  • The problem with working for money is you have to work harder, longer, or charge more to make more money. The problem with physically working harder and longer is that we all have a finite amount of time and energy (page 42).
  • You can tell a person’s future by looking at what they spend their time and money on (page 85).
  • One sign of high financial intelligence  is knowing when to spend and when to cut back (page 90). 

Reading this book taught me also to think differently. Instead of saying ‘I cannot afford it’, I should ask ‘how can I afford it?’. Very simple – just rephrasing those words – yet it has a tremendous impact to the way I see things.

It cultivates my mind also to be creative, to find ways to afford it. Of course, this should not be interpreted as resorting to stealing or going into debts.

So the next time you want something that you cannot afford, let’s say a trip to Italy, don’t give up right away. Consider asking yourself – ‘how can I afford it?’.

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