My son’s first term…

Late last year, my role as a mom stepped up to the next level. When your children start to go to school, it becomes a different ball game. 

Life is even busier and crazier (well at least for me). 

Assignments on weekends. School activities in the middle of the week. The morning routine of waking up early to ensure that he doesn’t miss the school bus. And so on. 

But after all the daily stressful and exhausting life of a working mom, it was such a joy to see my son’s result for the first term. 

I am proud because he did well – with flying colours –  in her first term at school except for his Arabic subject. 

To be honest, I never pay attention to his assignments in this subject. Obviously because we don’t know how to read Arabic and all the instructions in his weekly assignments are written in Arabic. 

Slightly worried that his Arabic grades will affect his final result at the end of the school year, I requested my sister to visit the school and to speak  to his teacher in Arabic subject. 

I was disappointed, so disappointed.

We came to know that my son was isolated in Arabic classes because he is the only non-Arabic pupil in his class. Worst, the teacher cannot communicate also in English and my son doesn’t understand Arabic. 

They claimed to be ‘American Syllabus’ but why the staff and most of the teachers (that I met) can hardly communicate in straight English. 

I am really discouraged and I personally don’t recommend this school for non-Arabic pupils or students. 

We were eyeing for another school already for next school year. Hopefully we get a slot. 



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Absconding Nanny…

Life at home is a bit of madness. Luckily, my mom and sister are at home on extended period of  holiday break. 

Our nanny supposed to come back from her vacation in Philippines in second week of January. Three days before her arrival, she sent a message in Facebook that she would not be coming back. 

Grrrr…. Ingrata!! 

I can’t help to feel that way. I am not bragging but we had been really extra nice and treated her like a family member. Where can you see a nanny who goes to annual vacation twice a year? Whose 60% percent of her working time is spent in surfing the internet and checking Facebook? 

Of course, I was upset. 

But then, everything happens for good and for a reason. I always believe that with all my heart. 

So now, we have to cancel her visa. Maybe file an absconding case too. 

And the next difficult part is looking for a trustworthy nanny. 

So far, we haven’t found any replacement yet. Luckily my sister is here and volunteered to look after my son until we find a new nanny. 


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Update: How to get an liquor license in Abu Dhabi?



photo 1

Envelope containing the liquor license and an information booklet

I had been thinking of obtaining a liquor license since I stepped here in Abu Dhabi in 2007 but just the thought of long queue in Philippine Embassy made me shrug off this idea. After all, I drink only occasionally. 

Earlier a religious certificate from the home embassy is required to apply for liquor license. I wrote about it here earlier. 

But mid last year, my colleague informed me that religious certificate was no longer required. Hooray! 

And so, together with some of my colleagues we gathered the following requirements. 

  • Passport copy
  • Visa page copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Salary certificate addressed to Special License Abu Dhabi

Then we applied online ( 

And viola, one week after there’s an sms from Spinneys informing us that the liquor license was now ready for collection. 

photo 3.JPG

And here’s my liquor license valid for two years

Easy breezy, right? When you are applying online, it will ask you where you wish to pick-up the license once ready. We opted for Spinneys as it is the nearest one to us. 

Did I tell you that it’s free? We didn’t shell out any cash at all. 




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Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year.jpg

May this year brings us all happiness, prosperity and love…

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Winner of Frugal Expat’s 6th Year Blogiversary

And the winner is (drum roll please)..

Ms. R. Calimquim

If you remember earlier, we ran this blogiversary promo to mark the 6th year of Frugal Expat and the prize is 3-days/2-nights Package Tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We contacted the winner, Ms. R Calimquim, already who is also based in Abu Dhabi. 

She hasn’t claimed the prize yet but hopefully she will soon. 

A BIG thanks for all those who participated the promo.





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Cash&Miles Travel Agency


We believe in creating memories with our love ones and the best way to do it (for us) is to travel together.

Thus our business idea came to life – the ‘Cash&Miles Travel and Tours’.

My Mom loves to travel. As she is turning 70 this April 2016, her motto since she retired from being a school teacher is ‘travel while you are young and while you can’.

As much as we love to take her to new places, of course, there’s also the financial constraints specially for me because it means paying for 3 persons (my Mom, my son and I).

My sister, Cash, is a certified budget traveler. She enjoys the tedious work of researching about the new places, making itineraries, and organizing the trips.

She is fond of taking public transportation. For some reasons, she finds joy in riding the bus, trains, tuktuk and whatever mode of public transportation.

Her travel motto is ‘travelling doesn’t have to be expensive‘. :-)

I, on the other hand, would prefer to have comfortable but not luxurious travel. I guess it comes with age. Backpacking is stressful and so rigorous for me.

I prefer to a little convenience so I can enjoy my travel. I have enough stress at work everyday so at least I can spare myself for few days when I wish to unwind.

Hmmm.. My travel motto? I really don’t have one. Though I am embracing this revolutionary idea of not hoarding material stuff, I would rather spend that money into something that I can experience.

This matter reminds me of my son. I rarely buy him toys because he has plenty of toys.

One day he asked me why I don’t buy him toys. I really couldn’t express my ideology to him in a manner that his young mind can understand.

But I don’t have hesitations to pay expensive fee for his ball skills class or perhaps a treat for him in KidZania.

On his 7th birthday, it is my wish to treat him for a safari in Kenya or somewhere in Africa. I have to start saving up for this trip because that less than four years from now. :-)

I hope he understands my philosophy in life when he grows older.

Anyway, back to our topic and business – the Cash&Miles Travel and Tours.

We are basically operating online though we are officially a registered business in our hometown in Philippines.

Our niche is budget travels for retirees, for families with young children and for OFWs.

As we understand that for most of us, travels can really be expensive. So we are offering flexible payment terms to cater those who have limited finances.

So don’t be surprise next time if I am posting also our travel promotions.

To learn more about Cash&Miles Travel and Tours, you can visit our website  or like our Facebook page





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